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solitary entrapment by kls solitary entrapment by kls
One of my fav shots from a recent shoot. I was helping ~kabes with his final year motion graphics project as a stills photographer. This is one of the models and characters from the shoot. He's wearing a gaskmask but too bad it cant really be seen. Plus i was shooting with the Canon 300D, sweet camera, thanks to another friend.

Constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Full view please.

- Canon EOS 300D
- Photoshop 7.0 {resized, grayscale, hues, contrasts & border}

edit: removed border
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msaky Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
BadTrash Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
i really like this photo good job
uAe-Designer Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2005

i can't say any thing just :+fav:
RemainStealth Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2005
I lovethe composition of this picture....well done!
Blikky Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2005
really wery good work..i lowe this concept and simplicity...well done..:clap:
and what it is photo?
imagewall Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005   Digital Artist
Really cool one, KLS !
lightafire Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005
love it!
velvetmetaphor Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2005
the contrasting orange does wonders
darksx Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
Looks great ! :)
hiimuli Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2005
Simplicity, straightforwardness, great lightining,
compositioning and posing equals a stunning photo.
Great work!
FreakdeWil Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2005
Just stunning!!!!!!!!!!:clap:
epylesdotcom Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2005   Photographer
very good picture, shame his feet.. just look different to me?
BloodAddict Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Wow :wow: This one explains best the way that I feel now... :+fav:
kittyq Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2004
I think the hidden face adds to the picture. It's like he's locked up in his own little world...
of colour! ^^
The orange adds to the prison feel.. definately an expressive picture. Fav for sure.
xdls Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004
man... so nice... :+fav:
Smoota Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004
My deepest respect for this photographic highlight!

Seems a little bit like I am trained here in germany: Cool, straight lines, clear information - this is coming straight to my mind.
And it has a perfect photoarchitecture....

kls Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004   Photographer
Im glad you read it that way! Coz i know of some people that just dont get this shot. Everything is straight forward in the image, from the message to composition. Thank you again for your comment, appreciate it.

Smoota Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004
Probably this is my german eye :) our design follows often those straight composition rules.... and what can I say? I love it! Straight to the top,kls, go for! :)
mettaflare Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2004
great shot! a lot of attention to the small details . absoulutly luv the colors and the constract light!
deleted-space Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
ok, i love this shot... now i want to give you some more detailed comments. :-)

1. i love the fact that you can barely see his face. to me, it symbolizes his lessening identity, as the darkness of the solitude creeps in ( which, gosh, those shadows are well-placed! )...

2. the placement... the horizon line is excellent, and the row of windows getting larger and larger into the foreground is strangely ominous.

3. the boooorder! people simply do not know how much a borden can add, but in this piece it serves to make your picture feel small... and the man inside the box look even more alone, trapped by all that white space.

4. your toning and desaturation is greatness...

heh, ok, this is when i stop overanalyzing... :-) nice shot!
jackums Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004  Student
You have some really nice stuff. This one's definitely a fav.
no-thanks Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
This really is wonderful. You take amazing photos.
hyukie Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2004
also another +fav for you! i like how far you've gone with this photo, every detail covered down to even clothes :O i like the models position, as everyone knows you can go crazy being kept in confinement and the pose that he creates shows this. well done mate :D
xam1814 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2004
fantastic shot and concept. love the colours and composition. :)
vxt Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
This is beautiful, simple and beautiful.
mistake Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2004
he looks so tourmented and trapped in there. i like the way his body is posed and the way his hand is up reaching for a way out.
spotter300 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2004  Student
so cold and clean, it conveys an interesting message too well done .
snogo Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004
good shot with a nice concept and contrast, very expressive
very good! :boing:
kakita Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004
ooooh.... this is very nice. fav fav fav!
carbon-12 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2004
nice. i like this
maggi Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
Just the perfect shot !!!

Love the angle in there.... Its just so apt !

jammydodger Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2004   Photographer
Wow! I'm loving this! Maybe more than the other one....i love the shadowing at the top of the picture and how its more intense towards the left due to the angle! Again i love the orange, but i guess thats the point....

Great contrast and allsorts!

I'm gonna have to +fav you! I love it too much not to

Thankyou please
Good day

kls Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2004   Photographer
Hey you rock for faving this! :nod:
kriticos Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2004
OMG thats an amazing shot

great idea and the colors

escapepodone Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2004   Interface Designer
brilliant shot. well composed, balances, and dynamic. the orange is a killer activator... everything in the shot works towards it in one way or another. stunningly dramatic imagery as well. :thumbsup:
mintima Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2004   Photographer
great shot! the lighting is great, so we can see darkness on the right hand side so it seems like the person is trapped by darkness. the way you kept the person in colour but his surroundings desaturated is great, making the orange colour of his clothes stand out and contrast with the b/w surroundings. the pose is excellent, suggesting that he is giving up, helpless, especially the hand in the air, as if he is calling for help. maybe if he was sitting with his back against the wall and the shot was taken from the side, you would be able to see the gas mask. :+fav: keep up the good work!
shapecharge Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Really cool shot, the orange creates a great contrast. Great shot :D
applesandshanana Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004   Digital Artist
What a wonderful, wonderful shot. I love the starkness of the white, it brings the emotional pose to such great life, along with the brightness of the orange. The angels are really great as well. Really great work.
TheBlueUmbrella Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004
hey! kool picture there! but is it supposed to be dark??
it's prob just me but it doesn't look dark- it just looks
like a calm atmosphere!
kls Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004   Photographer
Well it's not supposed to be 'dark' all i wated to show was the emotion within in..
TheBlueUmbrella Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2004
I see(^^) i was just wondering.
test-tube Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2004   Interface Designer
aiii as they say, too much of something spoil the mood.

i dink if i didn't see your female version, i would say dis was super sweet.

but well, it's still a nice photo anyhow. =)
ink-brains2 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2004   Photographer
this is really good, very strong and very emotional.
the use of minimal colours makes the ones that matter really stand out.
the stark contrast of orange against that dull and quite clinical looking wall...
it feels asylum like or clinical in a way
i particularly like how his feet are really dirty. it's a tiny thing, but one that adds a lot of reality to the image.
great work!
kls Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2004   Photographer
I always enjoy reading your detailed input you know that!
Appreciate it soo much. Thanks for taking a look. :nod:

You take care! :hug:
bmuda Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2004
lucky i found this shot
so emotional and clean
i really like the model pose
brilliant shot i must say :thumbsup:
ng4niceguy Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I prefer this image over the 'please listen', both are superb, but this one grabs my attention the most.

Probably because of the bold orange suit that the person is wearing and the use of black and orange gives it a sort of danger or negative feeling to it (colours that are found on dangerous animals) and the perspective. A sense of loneliness can be felt. The person's right hand is also very expressive, as well as his body language.

A strong piece of work. Well done.
kls Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2004   Photographer
Your detailed comments is very much appreciated, thanks for taking the time. :)
silveryn Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2004
A beautiful with (tones of) grey has always been one of my favourite colour combos,and combined with the emotion of the piece this works really well. :+fav:
njim Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2004
Emotional, very nice. :+devwatch:
82deg Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2004
another amazing piece (i'm surprised it didn't turn up in my devwatch) :o
i love the lack of color - save the jumpsuit he's, a stark contrast against all those greys

and again, i love the pose but i still love the other one better...cos for some reason, she just looks so much more cornered/ i get more of a rush when looking at her in that shot :)
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