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November 1, 2003
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.03 emceeing by kls .03 emceeing by kls
wallpaper - the 4 elements
.01 | graffiti
.02 | turntable
.03 | emceeing
.04 | breakdance

Custom made icons. The third in a 4 part wallpaper series representing each of the so called 4 sub-cultres/elements of hiphop, minimalistic design and concept as usual. Available in different resolutions upon request.

Constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome.

- Flash MX
- Photoshop 7.0
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droolz Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006
absolutely awesome concept. The minimalism works really well and makes each element stand out, and as for hiphop, well, anything which represents hiphop well is to be applauded. tops work :+fav:
papa-j Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
i saw all four of the series and they are all good but i guess i like this one the best cause i do some of it myself...well more poetry but it's still good! an excellent idea as well! fave!
o0o Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003
I like this one the most in the serries. I think your doing a killer job with there. Nice raw minimalistic style and great use of colour.
honeypoo Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2003   Writer
i love that little bubble thing at the back!!! karaoke..... heeheeeee
huang Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
Keeping up with the series. :) Great subtle details, nice stuff. :)
JuliaDunin Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2003  Professional Photographer
:blowkiss: again great!
tearsoft Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2003
nice color! equally well-done like the previous two submissions. :thumbsup:
eternal-dragon Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2003   Interface Designer
I don't have a lot more to say about this one then I did about the others. It still looks great and I love this blue color -nods-
o-chan Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2003
love it!!! loooooovee it!!!
seriously dude, these series ROCKS!
82deg Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2003
very simplistic design as with the first the minute details on the mic...and i also love the blue in this one but the graf one still comes up tops with me ;)
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